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  • Description

    Bosch CM10GD 10 In. Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw delivers accuracy and cutting control at all angles, as well as durable precision throughout the life of the tool. The innovative Axial-Glide System provides wider cross-cuts, enhanced alignment and smoother glide, and the compact design takes up to 10 In. less front-to-back workspace than a slide miter saw. With a 15 Amp motor providing 4,800 no-load RPM, there is plenty of power. Adjustable miter and bevel detents enable users to make precise common miter and bevel cuts, and the override allows for easy angle adjustment. The bevel lock lever and range selector are located safely upfront so users don’t have to reach around behind the saw to make a bevel adjustment.


    • (1) 10 In. 60-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade
    • (1) Wrench
    • (1) Work Clamp
    • (1) Dust Bag
    • (1) Vacuum adapter/elbow
  • Description

    The Bosch CAG180BL 18 V 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder is the most powerful cordless angle grinder in its class. With its four-brush motor design and optimized gear design, it provides a 0-10,000 no-load PRM, to handle cutting and grinding applications in metal, masonry and tile. And at only 5.3 Lbs., it has the best performance-to-weight ratio in its class. The Slim-Mount Burst-Resistant Wheel Guard prevents fragments from hitting the user, and it has Restart Protection to prevent accidental startup. This tool has been designed for long tool life, with a lifetime brush design for long motor life. This set comes with an L-Boxx-2 carrying case and an Exact-Fit™ insert tray; the battery and charger are sold separately.


    • (1) – CAG180 18V Grinder
    • (1) – Exact-Fit Tool Inlay
    • (1) – L-BOXX-2
  • Description

    The Bosch GWS18 V-45B14 18 V 4-1/2 In. angle grinder kit pairs the ideal cordless grinder for pros who need unleashed performance and the CORE18 V battery – the best-built battery on the planet. With its four-brush motor design and optimized gear structure, the GWS18 V-45 grinder produces 10,000 no-load RPM. It features a two-position vibration control side handle for better handling. It is designed for long life, with overload protection and lifetime brush design. The CORE18 V 6.3 Ah battery provides more power than the previous-generation batteries, delivering performance comparable to competitor batteries that are up to 35% larger. It features CoolPack 2.0 technology for longer battery life, and it is backward and forward compatible with all Bosch 18 V tools and chargers. The included Bosch BC1880 18 V fast charger can charge a spent CORE18 V to 80% in 41 minutes.


    • (1) GWS18V-45 18V 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder
    • (1) GBA18V63 CORE18V Lithium-ion 6.3 Ah Battery
    • (1) BC1880 18V Fast Charger
    • (1) Vibration Control Handle
    • (1) Wheel Guard
    • (1) Grinding Disc
    • (1) Carrying Bag
  • Description

    The Bosch 1375A 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder features a powerful 6.0 Amp motor that produces 11,000 no-load RPM, making this compact grinder a powerhouse tool. It was designed for concrete contractors, vehicle fabricators and other professionals who need a compact grinder. With a well-designed grip, lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle and 11,000 no-load RPM, this workhorse can get the job done. It is well suited for metal fabrication, concrete restoration, pipe fitting and more. It uses Service Minderbrushes that stops the grinder when preventative maintenance is required and epoxy-coated field windings, for longer tool life. The lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle and 3.75 Lbs. weight add to user comfort and control.


    • (1) 4-1/2 In. Angle Grinder
    • (1) Grinding Wheel Guard
    • (1) Auxiliary Handle
    • (1) Inner (Clamping) Flange
    • (1) Outer (Round Nut) Flange
    • (1) Spanner Wrench
    • (1) 4-1/2 In. Abrasive Grinding Wheel
  • Description

    The Bosch AG60-125 6 In. angle grinder with slide switch, features a new 12.5 Amp motor design with direct motor cooling and more air vents. This feature reduces hand blockage to extend tool life and provide higher overload capabilities to prevent overheating. Results from independent testing revealed that Bosch grinders outlast the competition to deliver the best tool lifetime in the market- up to 9 times more life than competitors. Improved carbon brushes offer more than double the lifetime of previous brushes, which means less downtime for maintenance. Additional features include textured housing to provide increased grip options for better ergonomics and tool control.


    • Backing Flange
    • Lock Nut
    • Spanner Wrench
    • Grinding Guard
    • Cutting Guard
    • Vibration Control Side Handle
  • Description

    The CM8S 8-1/2 In. single bevel sliding compound miter saw features a Bosch exclusive design delivering a well-balanced saw with a top carry handle at the center of gravity and weighs only 37 pounds. These features easily provide one-handed portability on and off the job. Accessible controls make it easy to change bevel settings without reaching behind the saw. The integrated expanding work piece supports, large easy to read miter and bevel scales, and detent system provides quick and accurate cuts. The CM8S also has the same crosscut capacity (12-1/4 In.) as a 10 In. miter saw, at 30% lighter weight.


    • (1) CM8S 8-1/2 In. Single-Bevel Slide Miter Saw
    • (1) 8-1/2 In. 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Blade
    • (1) Blade Wrench
    • (1) Dust Bag Assembly
    • (1) Toolless Work Piece Clamp
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    • Angle Grinder 1. Make all necessary adjustments to the grinder while it is off. 2. Ensure that all tools are removed from the machine before turning it on.


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    Type of Power Tool Drill, Angle Grinder, Tool Kit, Marble Cutter, Polisher, Demolition Tool, Air Blower, Heat Gun, Screwdriver, Impact Wrench, Sander, Router, Planer, Wall Chaser, Gardening Tool