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  • Able to be adjusted to a variety of heights, the Adjustable Prop is a versatile tool that is indispensable to anyone working in the trade and are a popular form of construction equipment commonly used as a temporary support during building or repair work.

  • Manufactured to BS4074:1982 and tested to BS5507-3:1982, Generation’s Adjustable Steel Props are designed to support a range of formwork and falsework applications, floors, ceilings, openings and temporary beams.

    Outer tube: 60.3mm Dia / Inner tube of 48.3mm Diameter.
    Head and Base Plates: 150x150x6mm to BS4360 with 38mm Dia. hole.

  • Adjustable Steel Push-Pull Props are designed for holding and plumbing single and double faced forms. The lower plate is fixed to a ground anchor with the top plate being fixed to the shutter.

    The Adjustable Push-Pull Prop includes a standard Prop Collar with a additional Locking Collar to maintain rigidity as well as maximum safety.

  • Available from stock in four sizes. Generation’s trench struts feature a clawed base and head plates to enable a better grip to the trench lining and holding it tightly in place, preventing collapse.

    All struts are manufactured to BS4074:2004 and are thread rolled to ensure that there is no cutting away of material or loss of strength.