UNI-T UT233 Digital Power Clamp Meter

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UNI-T UT233 Digital Power Clamp Meter Details

Versatile, strong and capable of being used absolutely everywhere from domestic environments to industrial applications, the UNI-T UT233 is a great digital clamp meter for use by any practising electrician.

By use of the devices’ jaws (which can fit conductors with diameters of up to 50mm inside) it is possible to measure AC current levels across four ranges: 40A, 100A, 400A and 1000A. In addition to current measurements the UT233 can also measure AC voltage up to 600V, frequency from 20Hz-500Hz, active power from 0.01KW-600KW, apparent power from 0.01KVA to 600KVA, reactive power from 0.01KVARr to 600KVAr, phase angle from 0 to 360° and active energy from 1-9999KWh.

Both autoranging and true-RMS, the UT233 ensures that all testing is carried out with a high degree of accuracy at all times. It also includes a selection of useful advanced features such as 10000 count display, auto shut down, MAX/MIN and data hold functions.

The UT233 is EN 61010-1, EN 61326-1 and EN 61010-2-032 compliant. It is also CAT II 600V and CAT IV 300V safety rated.


Product Description


UNI-T UT233 Digital Power Clamp Meter Key Features

  • AC current measurements – 40A, 100A, 400A, 1000A
  • AC voltage measurements -15V, 100V, 300V, 600V
  • Frequency evaluation from 20Hz-500Hz
  • Active power measurements from 0.01KW-600Kw
  • Apparent power measurements from 0.01KVA-600KVA
  • Reactive power measurements from 0.01KVAr-600KVAr
  • Phase angle measurements from 0 to 360°
  • Active energy measurements from 1-9999KWh
  • 10000 count display
  • Autoranging digital clamp meter
  • 50mm jaw capacity
  • Auto power off when left idle
  • Low battery indication
  • Data hold function
  • MAX/MIN measurements
  • 99 record data logging
  • USB interface
  • LCD backlight
  • Phase sequence testing (postive phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency)
  • Auto calibration
  • Input impedance for DCV of around 10MΩ

Full List of Products Included

  • UNI-T UT233 Digital Power Clamp Meter
  • Battery
  • Test Leads
  • Alligator Clip
  • USB Interface Cable
  • PC Software CD

Technical Specs



UNI-T UT233 Technical Specifications

Specifications Range Best Accuracy
AC Current (A) 40A/100A/400A/1000A ±(2%+5)
AC Voltage (V) 15V/100V/300V/600V ±(1.2%+5)
Frequency (Hz) 20Hz~500Hz N/A
Active Power (W) 0.01KW-600KW ±(3%+5)
Apparent Power (VA) 0.01KVA~600KVA ±(4%+5)
Reactive Power (VAr) 0.01KVAr~600KVAr ±(4%+5)
Power Factor 0.3~1 ±(0.02%+2)
Phase Angle (°) 0°~360° ±1°
Active Energy (Wh) 1~9999KWh ±(3%+2)
Display Count 10000
Auto Range Yes
Jaw Capacity 50mm
True RMS Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Low Battery Indication Yes
Data Hold Yes
Data Logging 99
USB Interface Yes
Analogue Bar Graph Yes
Full Icon Display Yes
Single-Phrase 2-Wires Yes
3-Phrase 3-Wires Yes
3-Phrase 4-Wires Yes
Phase Sequence Test Yes
Auto Calibration Yes
Input impedance for DCV Around 10MΩ Yes